Pjoning = “Bosnian crochet”?

As an aside in a discussion at Ravelry.com (which I joined a while ago), I mentioned that I am interested in the traditional craft called “pjoning” in Norwegian, that I would like to learn how to do it, and that I had no idea whatsoever “pjoning” was called in English. Gannet, one of the many nice ravellers out there, swiftly came to my rescue, and replied that the term might be “Bosnian crochet”. And she offered this link to a page she had come across while googling “pjoning”:


That link goes to a very interesting article at the blog Knitting in the Swamp, with numerous other links worth checking out. In the article itself, there is also a picture of a beautiful sweater from the Finnish Østerbottniska Museétalso something I feel compelled to check out further….

I must try and keep an eye out for more interesting things at Knitting in the Swamp….. – I’m sure there will be new discoveries about textile crafts to be had over there! For now – thank you both, “Blogger in the Swamp” (I realize from reading a couple of posts that this is a knitting blogger in Australia – and she apparently also spins on the hand spindle! I want to learn that, too!) and gannet at Ravelry!


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